How to Use Group FaceTime on iPhone & iPad

How to Start a Group FaceTime Video Chat on iPhone or iPad

You can start a new Group FaceTime video chat at any time from iOS with multiple participants, here’s how:

    • Open the FaceTime app in iOS if you have not done so already


    • Tap the “+” plus button in the upper right corner of the FaceTime app

How to start a group FaceTime video chat in iOS

    • Add the contacts you want to join a Group FaceTime video call with *, you can add up to 32 people
    • Tap on “Video” to start the Group FaceTime video chat

How to start a group FaceTime video chat in iOS

This approach will ring all of the video chat participants who then join directly to the same group FaceTime video call.

Anyone (yourself included) can disconnect and hangup on the group FaceTime video chat by tapping the big red x button on the screen.

How to Add More People to Existing FaceTime Video Chat on iPhone or iPad

You can also turn a regular FaceTime video chat into a Group FaceTime video chat, or add more people to an existing FaceTime video call, by adding people to a currently active FaceTime Call:

    • From an active FaceTime conversation, tap the screen so that options are shown
    • Now tap on the “(…)” three period gray button

    • Tap on “+ Add Person” from the additional options, then add the contact(s) you’d like to add into the existing current FaceTime video chat*

This method is convenient particularly if you’re on a current FaceTime video call and decide you want to bring in another person, or group of people. You can have up to 32 people total in a group FaceTime video chat this way.

Hanging up a Group FaceTime video call is the same as disconnecting any other FaceTime call, just tap the red (X) button to hangup the call.

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