How to Use a Combo Update Installer to Update Mac OS X

How to Use a Combo Update Installer to Update Mac OS X

Back up the Mac if you haven’t done so already, this is good practice before updating any system software version, and using a combo update is no different.

    • Download the necessary Mac OS X combo update from Apple here on this website, many versions are available for every version of Mac OS X ever released (in this example we’re using the OS X 10.11.4 update combo package)


    • Quit all other open apps
    • Mount the Combo Update disk image (it’s usually in ~/Downloads/ unless you saved it elsewhere)


    • Double-click the Mac OS X Update Combo package file (it looks like a little box or package) found on the mounted disk image


    • Click Continue and walk through the update installer as usual




    • Select the target hard drive for the Combo Update to be installed onto (typically the Macintosh HD startup disk) and click “Install”




    • Choose Restart when requested, the Mac will reboot and begin the installation process


The Mac usually reboots a total of two or three times, and the update can take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour to install, depending on size of the update, speed of the Mac, and other factors.

When finished, Mac OS X will boot up as usual. You can confirm the update has been installed by going to the  Apple menu and choosing About This Mac, where the version should now reflect the OS release you just installed with the Combo Update installer.



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