How to See Battery of Game Controllers on iPad & iPhone

How to See Battery of Xbox / PS4 Controller from iPad or iPhone

Assuming you have a game controller connected to the iOS or iPadOS device, checking battery percentage of that game controller is easy:

1- Swipe to open the Today View widget screen of iPad or iPhone:

    • On iPhone, swipe right from the Home Screen until you see the widget view
    • On iPad, swipe right at the Home Screen to show the Today View widgets

2- Locate the “Batteries” widget in the list to see the current battery life of any connected game controller that is powered on

How to see battery of PS4 or Xbox controller on iPad or iPhone

This is the same place you’d also be able to see any battery info for the device itself, along with battery capacity of any connected Apple Pencil, AirPods, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, Bluetooth keyboard, game controller, or other battery operated Bluetooth accessories and devices.

If you have enabled the persistent Today View widgets screen on iPadOS with the batteries widget visible, you’ll be able to see this information extra quickly from the iPad Home Screen. IPhone and iPod touch users will still need to access the Today screen separately with a swipe, as would any iPad user who isn’t pinning the Today View widgets to their devices Home Screen.

Do you know of another way to check the battery life of a connected game controller from iPad or iPhone? Share it with us in the comments!

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