How to Always Show Library Folder in MacOS Catalina User Home Directory

How to Display User ~/Library Folder in MacOS Catalina

Here’s how to make the Library folder always visible in the users home directory in MacOS Catalina:

    • Go to the Mac OS Finder if you haven’t done so already

Finder icon on the Mac

    • Go to the Users home folder by pulling down the “Go” menu and choosing “Home”

Go to the User Home Folder

    • Now pull down the “View” menu, and choose “View Options” from the menu options

Choose View Options

    • Locate the setting for “Show Library Folder” and toggle it so that setting is checked, this will instantly display the users Library folder in the home directory

Show the User Library folder in MacOS

The change is immediate with the Users ~/Library folder immediately being visible when the setting is checked.

The MacOS Library Folder is now visible

Note you MUST make this change while the users Home folder is the active Finder window, otherwise the “Show Library Folder” setting option will not be visible in View options.

If you wish to hide the user Library folder again, simply return to View options and uncheck the setting.

You can always temporarily access the User Library folder at any time through the “Go” menu as well.

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